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Journey through the colors of Helgeland.

We lead single and multi-day sailing charters inspired by wilderness and culinary experiences along the Helgeland coast in northern Norway.

Our land and sea adventures are curated through a landscape of delicious food, exclusive experiences, and the ever-changing colors of the north.  

Nordvær's voyages are based on a new Lagoon 51 catamaran. This spacious sailing yacht is well-equipped, with room for 6 to 12 guests.

Every adventure is organized in cooperation with local farmers and renowned chefs, showcasing spectacular Norwegian nature, culture, and cuisine. Our year-round voyages capture the north’s dramatic seasonal changes.

In spring, we tailor backcountry experiences for guests to ski and snowshoe. Summer is the time of the midnight with diving, hiking, and relaxation. During fall and winter, we embark on whale watching and Northern Lights safaris.

We are sailors, farmers, and adventurers. Marte is a Norwegian local and the fifth generation to manage Nordvær’s island farm. Her Nordic heritage defines the tastes and comforts on board. Eric was raised on the water in Alaska before coming to Norway to ski as a teenager. Ever since he has been exploring Norway and the Arctic as a scientist and photographer. Our shared experiences have culminated in Nordvær, tailored journeys through the colors of Helgeland.